Dermo Pharma DNA Cream Tranexamic Acid + Collagen


Dermo Pharma DNA Moisturising Cream Tranexamic Acid + Collagen Cell Renewal 50ml.

If you have problem with visible scars, skin micro-damages, irritation after treatment, aesthetic medicine treatments, visible inflammatory acne, this new product might be a solution for you.

Tranexamic Acid + Collagen is a revolutionary multi-therapy soothing and eliminating inflammation. It accelerates the healing process irritation, minor abrasions, acne lesions. Rebuilds your skin. It reduces and lightens scars, blemishes, evens. It stimulates the skin to regenerate, accelerates the repair processes.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of tranexamic acid in the renewal of damaged skin. Regular use eliminates the redness and improves skin condition. Collagen advanced formula protects DNA cells from destruction.

Supports the resilience and structural strength of the skin. A beneficial effect on sensitive skin prone to irritation and allergies. Highly concentrated cream with velvety texture. Ideal spread on the skin, a fast-absorbed without clogging the pores. Perfect under make-up.

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