Biotebal Biotin 5mg Hair & Nail Growth Supplement


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Biotebal 30 x 5mg tablets – is a food supplement that promotes the proper differentiation of epidermal cells and strengthens hair and nails, mainly by stimulating the synthesis of keratin.

Biotebal also helps to eliminate the deficiencies of biotin in the body.


Contents of 1 tablet: Biotin – 5 mg and excipients: sorbitol (E 420), magnesium stearate, colloidal silica.


Biotebal provides a high dose of biotin, or vitamin B7 (sometimes also known as vitamin H). The substance is soluble in water. Biotin contributes to the maintenance and restoration of the good condition of the hair and nails, as it supports the process of production of keratin. Biotebal also supports the differentiation of epidermal cells, hair and nails, which significantly improves their appearance.

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